Prop A Hurts Vets

Prop A forces workers to accept lower wages and fewer benefits. That is the opposite of freedom.

  • Freedom is an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.
  • Veterans returning to the workforce, like all working people, deserve fair pay and safe working conditions. They have more than earned the freedom to join together to negotiate for these things.
  • Prop A will drive down wages for most working veterans, as much as $8,740 less in a year per family.

Let's work together to defeat Prop A.

Air Force

Why Maurice is against Prop A:

“As a veteran and St. Louis firefighter, my top concern is the safety of the people I’ve dedicated myself to serve. Proposition A makes our communities less safe while driving down wages and failing to create better jobs for working people. Working Missourians lose on all counts when it comes to Proposition A. Vote no on Proposition A.


Why Donna is against Prop A:

“Proposition A threatens the future that I fought for, the future that I want for my children. As they grow older and prepare to enter the workforce, I want to know that they’ll have good jobs with fair pay and benefits and that they’ll be able to live in thriving Missouri communities. Proposition A only benefits wealthy CEOs and business lobbyists, not working families. We must all do our part to keep Missouri working for working people, vote NO on Proposition A.

Air Force

Why Regina is against Prop A:

“When I transitioned out of the military into the workforce, I expected I could find a good job to take care of my family. But the reality is many veterans struggle to get by. During the recession my family lost everything, so I know how important a good-paying job is. That’s why I’m against Proposition A. I know it will result in lower pay and less benefits not only for union members, but for workers across the board. My family can’t afford Prop A, and neither can most hardworking families I know. Vote no on Prop A to protect our pay.

Marine Corps

Why Harry is against Prop A:

"From my time with the Marines to my time as a laborer, I have seen working people join together to overcome incredible odds, build a better world and make better lives for our families. Proposition A takes away working Missourians’ freedom to join together and have a voice on the job. It will lower our wages and make our jobs less safe. That is why I’m telling everyone to vote NO on Proposition A."